• The Church

    Church & Worship

    This template is a great start for any church of any size. Add in Worship times, small groups and side door missions. Let everyone in your congregation know you want to hear from them and how they can find out what is going on from you.

  • All-Star Athlete

    Personal, Sports & Athletics

    This template is the perfect way to share your attributes and rankings with potential scouts, teammates and more! Easily share your videos, photos and contact info in one custom personalized app.

  • Baja Grill

    Food & Restaurants

    This restaurant template is perfect for letting your customers know about your menus and wonderful food! It also shares your hours and specials, how to get hold of you and directions on how to get to you.

  • Cakes Cafe & Bakery

    Food & Restaurants, Business

    This APPr is great for a café and bakery. Share your menus, locations, hours and contact information with your customers. Easily add pages, add and change photos and images and add your own descriptions to completely customize this APPr to your business.

  • Flat Design


    This personal template is a great way to let people know what you are up to, where you have been and, well, all about you. Make it a blog, add pictures and capture your life.

  • Indie Game Studio

    Games, Software

    This template is great for an Indie game studio. Build community support with push message updates, share screenshots of your latest games and direct fans to your Kickstarter or Greenlight pages. Get your Indie game noticed with this template!

  • Peace & Prana


    This template is perfect for a yoga studio. Easily share your calendar, contact info and display the classes you offer. This template is also set up to provide your members with a list of practice poses and techniques that they can easily work on at home, truly setting your APPr apart!

  • Photography Portfolio

    Creative, Personal

    Every photographer needs to show their portfolio. With this personal template, easily show off your work, add your services, resume and contact information and in no time you will have our own custom APPr!

  • Tablespoons Blog

    Food & Restaurants, Personal

    This template is great for hobbyist and professional bloggers of all kind! This particular template is catered to a food blogger, so you can easily share your recipes, have your viewers subscribe to your blog and provide your audience with a way to connect with you through Facebook, Twitter and email. Easily swap out the content to create your own custom APPr!

  • Teacher's Classroom


    This template is perfect for teachers and members of the educational community! Keep your students aware of your classroom rules, homework assignments and office hours and even provide them with a place to submit their homework virtually!

  • Explorers of America

    Nonprofits, Clubs & Groups

    Ideally this APPr is perfect for a club like the Boy Scouts. Share your club's leadership, team members, schedule your events, add pictures of recent activities to customize this template! You can easily include times and locations of meetings and events and in just a few clicks you will have your own custom APPr!

  • Rock Band

    Entertainment, Music & Arts

    The Rock Band template is exactly what an entertainment group needs for their fans. Add bios, schedule, practice times and pictures of your shows!


A little something for everyone.